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Is Your Car Sounding a Little Bit Louder Than It Used To?

Have you noticed when you start your car or while you are driving it sounds louder than normal? You might have an issue with your exhaust system. There are many different places that your car could be leaking from. The exhaust system has many different pieces that all flow together to let the exhaust gases exit your engine. The most common parts to wear out are from the middle of the exhaust, this is commonly referred to as the “b pipe”. Sometimes your exhaust pipes will rust out and crack from bad weather, this will also make it noisey. We are experts in fixing these issues in Seattle, Washington. Give us a call today to set some time for us to look at it for you.

Is Check Engine Light On?

A major component of your exhaust system in the catalytic converter. Plugged into your catalytic converter is an oxygen sensor, or more commonly called a 02 sensor. This sensor measure how much unburned fuel your car is pumping out from the engine. This is a vital part of the emissions and smog control system for your vehicle. If your car is running too rich or too lean it will cause the sensor to get a bad reading and cause the light to come on. When either one of those to scenarios happens it can damage your catalytic converter and it will not perform its job as intended. The catalytic converter changes unburned fuels and toxic fumes to more environmentally friendly gases. If either one of these two things fails, it will cause a check engine on your dash. These types of repairs are typically easy and we can perform them in one day. So if your exhaust is loud and your check engine light is on, give us a call and we can schedule an appointment for you.

Get Your Car Back to the Way It Was When You First Bought It

When you exhaust system starts to fail, it is going to get loud and it might even wake your neighbors. We have all heard cars or trucks with bad systems on them. Not only is it loud, it can cause performance issues. One of the jobs of the exhaust system is to give your engine back pressure to make sure its operation to its full potential, as well as keeping volume in check. When your system isn’t doing the job and giving the engine back pressure you will notice a loss of power and it will be hard to accelerate. If this sounds like something that is happening to you right now, give us a call at 206-721-5306 and we’ll get your vehicle back in shape! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by our shop at 9480 Rainier Ave S in Seattle to speak with one of our service advisors

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