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At Dan’s Auto Repair, we offer expert brake repair for all makes and models. The braking system on your car is what makes you stop. There are many components that are part of this system that all have to be working correctly to make sure you are safe on the road. Depending on how old your vehicle is you may have calipers and rotors at all four corners, or you might have drum brakes in the rear with calipers and rotors up front. Not only does the hardware have to be taken care of, but you should be changing your brake fluid every 24 months to ensure your system is in tip-top shape.

How Brake Systems Work

Most modern cars are using a rotor and caliper set up. When you press on the brake pedal, brake fluid is pushed in the the caliper and uses the brake pads to squeeze the rotor making your car come to a complete stop. When you get your brakes repaired, sometimes you may only need pads and other times you may need both pads and rotors. In rare circumstances, you may need to repair your calipers as well. Most brake system components will last for 45,000 to 60,000 miles before any service is needed. That’s going to be with normal driving. However, if you have a performance car or you are using a truck to tow, they may need to be repaired sooner. With high use situations, or depending how aggressive your braking is, them may last significantly shorter. When you bring your car to the shop will with diagnose all parts and only recommend what is required to get you back on the road safely. If your car is squealing while braking, give us a call and we will take care of you!

Other Brake Issues You Should Be Aware Of

Some other things you may notice as your brake pads get lower is not only a squeaking sound but a light on your dashboard too. Some cars have a sensor in the brake pad that let you know when it is getting low and you get a light to remind you. Some cars use a metal pin that makes a high pitch noise to let you know. If you notice either one of these, call or schedule an appointment with us! Another symptom is when you are braking and your car is shaking. This may be caused by warped rotors. Warping of rotors happens when you brake too hard too often and makes the rotor wavy. The caliper and brake pads need the rotor to be straight and true so this doesn’t happen. Remember, we offer loaner cars as well, so if you need to get around while we complete your brake repairs, please let us know!